Here a few of the common questions we get. Please call with additional questions, or add them to our Project Inquiry Form.

In most cases, the construction of your new garage will legally require obtaining a building permit.

We will help you determine what will be needed for your project. We will also direct you to the proper township to pursue your building permit.

While we have blueprints available from past projects, the best approach is to determine your space needs first. We can plan specifically for your needs.

We expect our customers to have financing in place before entering in to any project relationship.

We always do a site-visit – once your space needs have been established.

We will check on local set-back requirements, permit applications, overall space needs, removal of existing obstacles and more. 

Once all these factors are examined we will work with you to ensure you get what you need – based on the existing space available.

When building a garage, there are many things to consider when determining the cost of the project. Crosslake Builders work with you to discover which garage features you need.

For example, how many doors, what type of panels, which garage windows you need, and more.

It’s important to go over all of these factors to provide you with the absolute best cost for building your garage.

Please know when contacting us to obtain a cost of building your garage, we promise you will be dealing with knowledgeable professionals with over 25 years of experience.

Our garage staff is very familiar with current building codes and common construction practices, which is exactly what you need in understanding how much your garage will cost you.

The size of your garage is one of the most important aspects in the planning process. When choosing a size you should consider a number of items including:

  • The size and height of your vehicle(s)
  • Your storage needs
  • Walking space
  • Your available land space

For more information, visit our garage sizes page. Don’t worry, Garage Guys Builders can help you choose the garage size that is right for you and ensure your new garage meets your needs.

Yes! We have been building custom garages in the Brainerd Lakes area since 1996. There are numerous ways to customize the look of your garage while adding functionality.

The entire process, from clearing your existing site to hooking up the electric service, takes on average about a month.

With two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, gable garages are built to match the gables on the house. The triangular gable faces the front. In a reverse gable design, the garage door(s) are on the eve side of the structure.